Refund Policy
Once you have been billed for a new subscription activation or a subscription renewed we are not able to offer a refund, return, or exchange…
If the product purchased on arrived damaged or expired you can either return your order for a full refund or return it to be exchanged for something else.
The same applies to wrongly shipped items. You can mail back your purchase for up to 60 days from the purchase date. The shipping costs will be refunded. The shipping must be done by regular mail.  Returned or exchanged products must be in the condition you received them and in the original box and/or packaging.

We’ll always do our best to offer you a replacement for your damaged and missing items.

* If you receive a damaged item, please send us an email within 14 days of receiving your box with photos of the damage alongside the shipping label on your box. Both items must be photographed together, in the same picture.
* If you’re missing an item from your box, please let us know within 14 days of receiving your box.