Korean Unboxing January Cosmetics Subscription Box

New Year, New Month, New Box! In winter, we are more inclined to stay at home and organize lazy night in bed or in the bathtub. For our January Korean Cosmetics Subscription Box, we selected five different cozy products to take care of yourself and your skin. From Skincare to Makeup, soft and hydrating products to survive peacefully during Winter 🙂 If you are looking for some advice, check our article on Winter Routine.


Calamine Solution Spot Cream

Do you suffer from the dry and itchy skin during this winter? The Calamine Solution Spot Cream is the perfect solution for skin winter problems. This pink-color cream calms sensitive and irritated part of the skin. It contents natural ingredients such as Tea Tree Leaf Oil (an energetic excipient) or Rosemary Leaf Extract (the hydrating excipient). The smooth creamy texture helps application and can be applied morning night and before makeup application. This is for this reason that we recommend to use the cream as the last stage of basic skincare routine. Apply a small amount of the spot cream on breakouts or troubled skin area and then pat for absorption.



Secret Key HUG ME Hand Cream 30ml

The perfect Hand Cream for hand softness and “coziness”. As the polar bear, in the winter your hands suffer a lot from dryness and coldness. The Hug Me Hand Cream contains sweet almond oil and coconut oil rich in vitamins and minerals for superior moisturizing effect. I have to admit, I have kind of obsessional OCD for hand cream especially in winter. I carry several around in my pockets. This hand cream, first of all, is very cute (love the bear) and the smell is perfect, not too strong, but still! You can even put it on your fingertips to hydrate the nails.


Siero Cosmetics Surface Skin Mask Co-Aqua / Brilliant

Looking for the perfect Face Mask for stressed skin? Don’t go anywhere. With its glacier ferment microorganism and the ferment extracts to refresh skin and to soothe stressed skin, this mask will give you a fresh spa skin care. I have to admit, not exactly the same experience as a spa. But still, after using your usual face wash and toner, place the mask on your face. Remove it after 10-20 minutes and then pat excess essence for absorption. I swear after it, you will feel relax and your skin perfectly hydrated.


AprilSkin No Smudge Eye Doll Brush Pen Liner Black

This smudge-free eyeliner creates and refined vivid lines on your lids for a dramatic look.

It contains five vegetable extract ingredients to protect the skin around eyes from irritation. Sometimes some eyeliners may not last all day, but this one is rich in key ingredients to stay smudge-proof all day. The brush is also very thin and delicate to allow a precise application.


AprilSkin Fixing Tint Bloody Mary

This tint is very easy to apply and only need one coat to get the color. The Lip stain is flawlessly matte: it is fixed to lips to prevent patchy fading.