Korean Ampoule: Choose the perfect one

What is a Korean Ampoule? Maybe you have never heard about an ampoule, and this word is all greek to you, but Koreans know well about this effective skin care treatment and its numerous benefits, especially for problematic skins, but not only this type of skin.

This word has a French origin, and it is included in the 10 steps Korean skincare. Although this product is similar to serum, it has some differences in the concentration.
We can define the Korean Ampoule as a supercharged skin serum with higher concentrations of ingredients like pure vitamins, antioxidants, peptides and enzymes that you can use as a booster or in some periods when your skin is bad. The serum has around 15% while ampoule concentrates around 25% of active ingredients.
They come in medicinal-style packaging so that you can apply the exact amount of product with the minimal wastage.
It is better to use before the essence or the serum, to get its best properties, so wash your face and after applying toner, put some drops from the Korean  Ampoule.


Let’s analyze its texture!

Korean Ampoules are more liquid than serums, and they have a fast-absorbing formula that it is perfect for oily skins.
It was created for specific skin problems which need quick solutions, like dry skin, acne, dull and distressed skin, age spots or uneven skin tone.
They contain high concentrations. Therefore, you don’t need to use them every day, but twice a week.

Benefits of using ampoules in your skin care treatment

Using ampoules at home can bring you many lasting effects in the future. Some of those effects are:

Provide extra hydration to restore the skin. There are several varieties of ampoules in the market, but the most popular are ampoules for dry skin or anti-aging.
Promote our natural collagen, important protein to keep the skin healthy.
They can give us a necessary boost after traveling or in cold winters when the skin can suffer from these different situations.
A specific skincare problem can be solved by using the specific ampoule.

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Ampoules for all skins types

According to your Skin type, you must include a different Korean ampoule into your Korean Skincare routine. Here, we will explain how you do it, after having tried many Korean ampoules and analyzed all the skin issues.

Oily and acne-prone skin: This type is common in those people under 30 years old, but sometimes, it is possible to have excess oil production. The skin with sebum looks shiny and full of blackheads and pimples. If this is your case, you should use skin care treatment with ingredients that reduce sebum and the size of your pores without forgetting of providing enough hydration. One of the best ampoules for this skin problem is the Cosrx- Centella Blemish Ampoule, the perfect one to treat acne and sebum. It contains Centella Asiatica, a well-known plant with anti-inflammatory properties.

For Sensitive skin: Those people must take care of some ingredients. Avoid artificial fragrances, preservatives or dyes and choose natural cosmetic. Choose those that hydrate and balance pH levels and also calm sensitive skin. The Real Nature Ampoule from the Nature Republic is one of the best sellers of the brand for sensitive skin. All its ingredients are eco-friendly and natural like honey, olive, argan, and rose. It provides abundant moisture and also avoids dryness of the skin. Your sensitive will appreciate this ampoule.

For Dry skin: The main characteristic for dry skin is the lack of moisture, elasticity, and firmness, which becomes even more when we get older. Use ampoules which provide you an extra of hydration and also help brighten the complexion. Our recommendation is the Snail Repair Intensive Ampoule, Mizon. This one treats aging skin and wrinkles with an 80% of snail secretion filtrate. Say bye to your dry and damaged skin after using this must have ampoule.

So, next time you have a bad sleep, you are traveling for hours, or you spent a night out, or maybe you want a flawless skin as Koreans have, try an ampoule and your skin will notice the difference.