scrubbing based on your skin type

Scrubbing Based on Your Skin Type

As we’ve already mentioned in previous articles, it’s a good idea to learn what type of skin you have, and take care of it accordingly based on the type. Remember that there are four main types of skin type: normal/combination, dry, oily, and sensitive. Also just as a reminder you can check the differences between physical vs chemical exfoliator. In this article, you will check how you should be scrubbing based on your skin type :


scrub based on skin typeNormal/Combination Skin :

This is probably the most normal skin type, and generally a blessing compared to the others. However, this skin type still needs to be cared for, as it could also change throughout seasons, or due to other factors. It’s best to use softer, smaller-grained scrubs, or liquid exfoliation through toners and essences.

Tip: Do a proper exfoliation for deep cleansing once a week.


Dry Skin :

Most people with a dry skin type tend to also have sensitive skin, or easily react to products. These skin types should watch out for ingredients, and also use less chemical scrubs/exfoliators. Try to look more for products that contain AHAs (Alpha Hydroxy Acids).

Tip: After using your scrub/exfoliator, try putting on a soothing sheet mask (mask pack).


scrubbing based on your skin type - oily skinOily Skin :

If you have oily skin, try going for products containing BHAs (Beta Hydroxy/Salicylic Acid) in order to care not only for exfoliating and cleansing, but also properly removing sebum at the same time!


  • Use a steam towel to enlarge/open up the pores.
  • Select a peeling gel or peeling strip for the T-zone, which many times might contain more blackheads
  • Choose a more cream type of scrub for the rest of your face

Pro Tip: Scrub or exfoliate a bit more than the other skin types, ideally around 2 or even 3 times per week.


Sensitive Skin :

Since this type can easily react to products, try to always check the ingredients, and be gentle with the scrubbing.

Tip: try to go for alcohol-free, fragrance free, and ultra moisturizing products.



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