skin trouble could indicate health trouble

Skin Troubles Could Indicate Health Troubles?

It’s possible you’ve heard this before, but it’s commonly believed that the state of your skin reflects your inner state. Which is why, when we’re stressed, have hormonal issues, or aren’t eating well enough nor drinking enough water, our skin tends to break out more often–specially in certain areas–no matter how much korean skincare products we layer on. You can do a health check-up based on the areas of your face where you have breakouts. It’s believed that where your breakouts are located on your face can explain what areas of your body is having any potential internal issues. With the further list, you can check if your skin troubles could indicate health troubles.


– Forehead:

Having breakouts on the forehead could mean you’re going through stress, or should get checked for heart health.

– Nose:

Nose filled with blackheads or other breakouts? It could indicate issues with the digestive system, even if they’re simple problems.

– Above the eyebrows:

Breakouts in this area could indicate issues with the immune system.

– Right Cheek:

Skin troubles in this area could indicate respiratory system (lungs) issues.

– Left Cheek:

If they appear on the opposite cheek then it could indicates liver and bowel (intestines) issues.

– Chin & Jaw:

These could indicate issues either with your hormones (such as related to your feminine health) and the stomach.


Make sure to remember that everyone’s skin and health concerns are different. This is just a simple guide for potential issues that can happen and we may not know about, but do show up in the form of skin imperfections. Remember that some people may have acne all over their face, but that does not mean they have all of these conditions–but it could be a condition such as hormonal problems. If you need more information about why the acne is popping up read the following article. The best thing you can do is go for a health checkup.


Do any of you have trouble skin? Let us know in the comments! And if you can, go for a health checkup or get a dermatologist appointment, it will help your health and skin immensely. If you want to discover korean skincare to cure some of your skin breakouts, you can order your korean beauty box.