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#4 Answer To 4 Common Questions About Moisturizing

Questions about moisturizing are endless. If you have oily skin, sensitive skin, or excessively dry skin, you must be more curious about “proper” moisturizing. Even when you have a well-known product, you would want to know how to and when to apply it. Let’s learn from the professional “Dr. Young Chun Jung” about tricky questions about moisturizing and become a moisturizing expert!


#1 Why are moisturizers separated into “for Day” and “for Night” ?

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Most products from various brands are divided into day and night. But there are no big difference with the ingredients, which means they both have almost same function. Moisturizing is needed 24/7. It’s not like you especially need more moisture during the day or at night. But if the moisturizer contains SPF, it’s better to apply it during the day because it protects your skin from the UV light. 

#2 My T-Zone becomes oily due to moisturizer, but without it I am afraid to wear makeup. What should I do?

Many women would feel guilty for their skin when they wear makeup without moisturizing. It is indeed better to wear makeup after thoroughly applying moisturizer, but it’s not like your skin goes bad immediately just because you didn’t put moisturizer. Moreover, makeup products nowadays have similar components as moisturizers. If your T Zone is oily, it’s fine not to apply moisturizer. Just apply it generously on dry parts. 

#3 Is it okay to use the moisturizer from the brand that targets higher age than my age? 

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There is no classification of moisturizer depending on age. According to skin condition, how to apply it could differ, but anyways it is always good to apply enough moisture on your skin. However, the moisturizer from a brand targeting higher age could contain more oil. It might not suit the ones with oily skin. Otherwise, moisturizer from those brands could be even better because they also contain anti-aging components

#4 Do I have to apply moisturizer even after putting mask pack?

A peel-off type of mask packs could easily make your skin dry. It’s better to apply enough of moisturizer after peeling off the pack to increase the effect of the pack. It’s same with the packs you have to wash off with water. But if you don’t feel dry after taking off the pack, it’s not necessary to apply the moisturizer. Drinking enough water can prevent you from becoming dry as well. 


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Reference: Song Sun Mi’s Lovely Skin written by Song Sun Mi