check-list to age well using K-beauty


It’s impossible not to age. We all get old, and our skin gets old with us, which is obvious. Let’s not be stressed to find yourself getting old, but together let’s find out how to enjoy the time passing and create your own check-list to age well using K-beauty.


Facial Expression & Posture

check-list to age well using K-beauty smile

Facing computer monitor for long hours, resting chin on a hand, and frowning negatively affects your skin elasticity. Try to turn off your monitor for at least 5 minutes an hour and massage your face softly with clean hands. Use low pillow instead of high ones. It also helps to stimulate your facial muscles by repeating “A E I O U” out loud.

Sufficient Sleep

check-list to age well using K-beauty sleep

Not enough sleep means not enough vitamin supplied to your skin. It also disturbs smooth blood supply to microvessels. If you miss the time you go to bed normally, melanin vitalizes to age your skin. Try to go to bed between 10pm and 2am. If you have to sleep during the day instead of at night, change your sleeping environment like night time. Close curtains or wear a sleep shade to block light.

Block UV light

UV light takes away moisture from your skin and loosen your skin. Collagen decreases and Elastin increases to break up the balance of dermal layer. UV is another fatal reason to lose elasticity for sure. If possible, try to avoid going out between 11am and 2pm, during April and May, which is the time UV light increases. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen when going out. You can for exemple apply Luv.P “Sun Block UV Mild Cica” that was included in October JoahBox.

Staying Sugar-Free

check-list to age well using K-beauty sugar free

Sweet food doesn’t help maintain healthy skin. Sugar causes oxidation which fosters your skin to age. But if you get too stressed by suppressing sweet food, control the amount you intake. Just keep it in mind that sugar is in inverse proportion with skin elasticity.


Water your skin as much as you can. Moisturized skin is directly related to healthy and elastic skin. Drinking a lot of water is the easiest way to make your skin healthy. It also helps to eat fresh fruits or juice instead of water. Temperature and Humidity also matters. 30~40% of humidity is the best for your skin.

Regular Exercising and Smiling Brightly

check-list to age well using K-beauty exercise

Keeping yourself healthy by regular exercising is actually the best way to the well-aging. You don’t have to exercise every single day. But just spare some time whenever you are free to exercise lightly. This will eventually lead to beautiful and healthy skin. Also, smile brightly. Smiling is the easiest and one of the best ways to feel better about aging. 


To help you with your check-list to age well using K-beauty for moisturizing, you can use the Origin Cream from A.True that we curated in our September Box. It surely will help your skin moisturize and revitalize if you apply it before going to bed. To get our box please check out our website JoahBox.