Regular Skincare Routine


Do you sometimes feel like waking up, washing your face and going out without taking a huge time in the bathroom ? But you know deep inside that outside means dirtiness, air pollution, germs, uv rays which are going to attack your skin. Knowing it, already making you doubt about going out with nothing on. Make your morning yours and your laziness will disappear. Here are some tips on how to keep a regular skincare routine and get rid of your laziness without staying forever in the bathroom.


3 simple steps are always the best steps 

Regular skincare routine - cleansing

As you know, the original korean skincare routine has more than 10 steps, but if you are too lazy you can just stick with the 3 main steps : Clean – Balance – Moisturize to create a solid barrier all along the journey.

+ Cleansing your face to take out makeup and dirtiness.

+ Tone and vitalize with a toner and vitamins

+ Moisturize with Gel – Cream or Balm + Sunscreen protection

Use products you love 

Try to find something natural cosmetics that makes your body and skin soft and  lighted. This way you will love using them regularly in your morning and night routine.

Music as background ! 

Forget the alarm that makes you even more lazy to get out of bed. You will enjoy your morning routine better with some piano notes. Also, if you have trouble waking up, put on your favorite music or turn on the radio (if you are fond of what’s going on  in the world) to help you get out of bed ! Creating an atmosphere is good for you to put aside the stress and gently take care of your skin.

Night routine

Tell yourself this routine is like relaxation time. Right after you arrive home don’t throw yourself into bed. Instead go to the bathroom to wash your hands and clean all of the dirt from outside ! Put music on to make your house alive.

Clean, tone, treat your imperfection and then moisturize. Make it a reflex. As a bonus you can put a mask right after the toner and lie down on your bed ! Take more time to take care of yourself, you will feel ready to sleep early and fresh for another day.


Sometimes smaller routines are better than doing nothing. Let us know in the comment section if you are a lazy person ! To help you, JoahBox will select the best product for you to create your small regular skincare routine. To get our box don’t hesitate to check out our website.