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Which Vitamins Your Skin Needs 

Do you ever add vitamins to your morning routine during winter ? Do you know that you should add some into your skincare routine too ? From vitamin A with anti-aging properties to vitamin E a shield against UV rays and pollution… Here is a quick guide of which essential vitamins your skin needs to be healthy.


Vitamin C


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Gives strengths and protection to your skin. It’s contained in a lot of fruits it shows that it is a primary necessity for your skin routine. In the medical care domain, vitamin C helps repair body tissues & ameliorate body function, it is a powerful usage for skin defense. Mainly used as a serum for skin-care products, it helps reduce outside aggression that are big accelerators for damage and skin-aging problems. 

Vitamin C is indispensable in most of Korean skincare. It can be used as a shield for UV sunlight in summer but also in winter to keep your skin hydration long lasting.  Lightning and refreshing, it resolve and prevent acne, fade scars, a good balance on skin tones, improving skin appearance inside and outside.

Vitamin E


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A great antioxidant that protects you from UV sunlight and a good remedy for the lack of sebum on the skin. It is a soluble solution in oil, that is why you can see this vitamin in many oil beauty products. It also protects and heal your skin, a best combination with vitamin C ! The best way is to use it as a serum or oil mixing vitamins during your night routine so that his thick consistency can be fully absorbed.

Vitamin A


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Eating plenty of vitamins A from nutrients keeps you away from lung cancer and protects your vision. It is known as a great anti-aging agent for skin to stay young and healthy, vitamins A deficiency means pigmentation and acnes. That is why it is mainly incorporated in facial/body cream because it treats wrinkles efficiently and improves skin health. But before use, take the time to test it ! Some people did have skin irritation after being in contact with this vitamin.

Vitamin B(B3,B5,B12)

Vitamin B3 is a sebum regulator that regulates the oil production on your face. It also helps to keep your skin away from breakdown and premature signs of aging like discoloration and wrinkles. This vitamin shouldn’t be used in high concentration doses, but mixed. The best way to enjoy its effects is to use a toner that contains this vitamin .

Vitamin B5 help to prevent water loss, a real solution if you suffer from dry and rough skin.

Vitamin B12  is anti-aging. If it is injected, it can help reduce body fat, higher your mood and boost your cellular regeneration. If you are concerned about aging, think about adding this vitamin in your routine.

Vitamin D


The vitamin D is an antioxidant. It protects your skin from pollution and environmental stressors, but also calm inflammation for sensitive skin. It’s perfect to find it in eye products. Tensely moisturize and create a softer feeling that never fails. It is also a good combination with vitamin C.

Vitamin K 


 Especially made in eye products too because of its coagulant properties, vitamin K boosts the blood circulation helping the removal of dark circles. Good for under eyes skin and skin recovery.


Vitamin deficiency mostly manifests on skin showing that your skin needs them to repair and shine. In your January JoahBox, you can find a sheet mask mainly made of vitamin C extracted from the mandarin cultivated in Jeju Island. Please let us know in the comment below your feeling after trying it ! And if you don’t want to miss out others vitamins your skin needs, purchase our next  JoahBox !