sleeping mask vs night cream

Sleeping Mask VS Night Cream

Skincare products is always enlarging the selection! K-beauty contributes, with others innovations, to bring new product on the beauty market. But do you know the benefice of each product ? Today article will compare sleeping mask VS night cream to check their different effect.

Sleeping Mask- A Booster

The sleeping mask isn’t quite different from the normal ‘face mask’. The difference is that one of them is specially made for the ‘beauty sleep phase’. Which means that it can be left overnight, while your body restart and restore from the stress or other painful activity accumulated all along the journey.

Your skin needs this half a day to regenerate. The sleeping mask and cream mask enter in your night routine to help this processus. Usually, the sleeping masks components have active ingredients made to target a specific concern on your skin. For example, it can help prevent breakout, be an anti-aging, brightening etc… Unlike the night cream it is much more like an active booster fighting for your skin beauty.

Night Cream- A Moisturizer

Night cream is designed for a daily use. Most of night creams are moisturizers that keep your skin hydrated and contain ingredient that can not be wear during the day times. It is a good product for sensitive skin, because it soak slowly on your skin escorting the sleeping reconstitution process. The inconvenient is that the night cream is thicker.

Mask and cream are recommended to be applied as the last steps of your night routine in order to sell the hydratation. To resume, the night cream can be added to your daily routine to keep your skin moisturized in the morning. The sleeping mask is more like an extra-nutrient for your skin.

The tips : if you have date or important meeting the next day and you want to get flawless skin, the sleeping mask is the best option !


As you see, the sleeping mask &  the night cream are not so similar and are used for a completely different pattern. Comment on the box below if you are using any of this cosmetics in your night routine! Don’t forget to check our website if you want to get some night mask delivered at your door !