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4 Korean Beauty Tips To Get Back On Track

You might have noticed that your skin is not as soft or radiant as before. This can happen for a lot of reasons. The kind of diet that you might have had during your summer vacation, the lack of skincare are just some factors to take into consideration. But don’t worry, there is always a way to get back on track and bring back your healthy-looking skin. Below we share 4 Korean Beauty tips to get back on track. 


#1: Healthy gut = healthy skin.korean tips to get back on track-yogurt-berries

What we put in our bodies directly affects the appearance of our skin. And even though, those cocktails and that greasy food seemed like a good idea at the moment, now you might regret it. Excess fat, alcohol, and caffeine make our skin look dry and broken. So in order to reset your gut, we recommend you to eat food containing probiotics and prebiotics. These foods regulate our digestive system and help our gut to absorb nutrients. Chia seeds, greek yogurt, and blueberries are some examples of foods you can add to your diet.

#2: Sweat the toxins off.korean beauty tips to get back on track-women working out

Working out can positively impact your overall health, mood and also your skin’s condition. Having a regular fitness routine will improve your skin ‘s appearance. By increasing your heart rate, blood circulation also increases and therefore, more oxygen is able to reach your cells providing more nutrients to your skin and promoting collagen production. Working out can also help your pores clear out by eliminating toxins sweat. But if you leave makeup on and work out, your pores might get blocked, so make sure you remove your makeup before hitting the gym.

#3: Skincare before bedtime.korean beauty tips to get back on track-women-facemask

We know we all have those days in which we just want to lay down in our beds and fall asleep. The sole idea of standing up just to wash our face is torture. However, you should never ever go to bed without taking care of your skin. Throughout the day our face accumulates lots of dirt and other stuff that can make breakouts appear if we don’t wash it before going to sleep. Probably during summer, some of us skipped this important step in our beauty routine. So now it’s time to retake it, get back on track and make sure our skin is clean. 

#4: Moisturize inside out.korean beauty tips to get back on track-wlab makeup

The next step to get back on track with your Beauty Routine is to moisturize.  We’ve mentioned before how important it is for our skin to drink water and keep our bodies hydrated. But as important as it to drink our required 2 liters of water a day, we must not forget to hydrate our skin from the outside. Use a good moisturizing cream, preferably with sunscreen protection, to make your skin soft and smoother. You can try W.Lab’s Moist Fit Strobing Cream to moisture your face before applying makeup. This makeup base contains Pearl Extract and Macadamia Seed Oil that will also prime and brighten your complexion. 


These 4 beauty steps to get back on track will make your skin look radiant again. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and Facebook to keep updated with our latest news. And if you haven’t already, join our JoahBox family by subscribing to JoahBox.