It can be difficult to find Korean YouTubers Makeup Artists in the ocean of YouTube contents. Moreover, if you have difficulties reading or understanding Hangeul (the Korean alphabet) find the perfect YouTuber is quite complex.

But don’t worry! To adapt to their worldwide viewers, most of the contents are subtitled in English. You just need to unlock the CC tool in the video players.


As a first start, here is a list of the 5 best makeup artists that you can follow without difficulties.



SSIN is a 27 years all cover makeup artist. She started her channel in 2008 and has been very popular in South Korea ever since. With over 1.4 M of subscribers, her talent is fully acknowledged with her Idols cover tutorials such as BTS, Frozen princess Elsa for example.

Speaking side, she is using a lot of Korean slang, particular vocabulary that young Koreans use. She has very various playlists with broad themes like “Full Makeup with my less favorite cosmetics products” or “Korean one brand makeup”.

Korean YouTubers Makeup Artists


For a beginner in Asian Beauty, Risabea is the perfect start. Her contents focus more on learning makeup tips instead of recommending particular products. Her trendier playlist is called “Back to Basic” and details with precision how to apply foundation on your skin, how to make the eyebrow shape for example. She also loves to cover Idols makeup reaching the point when the fan can’t see the difference between the artist and the Idol such as the video: “Gashina”. You see this ex-makeup artist on live on KakaoTV (live streaming broadcast channel) every week.

Korean YouTubers Makeup Artists


Saerom Min is more than just a beauty YouTuber. She is a famous beauty blogger and she also launched her own brand Romand with the cutest marble packaging. Moreover, she published her own book Gecko’s Open studio. She targets her channel to show part of her life in Vlog or Get Ready with me videos. Nowadays the main theme of her videos is color and to show how to explain cosmetics products depending on personal colors these days.Korean YouTubers Makeup Artists


Pony Makeup products have been featured many times in JoahBox. Have you read our article about Pony Makeup? Her channel is mainly focused on her makeup tutorials for daily looks or pop idols cover (such as Taylor Swift). You can also discover some of her travel vlogs. With 150 Billion of views, she is spreading Korean beauty all over the world.


Lamuqe joined YouTube in 2011 and her fan community has grown exponentially since then. Most of her videos are subtitled in English and even Japanese. She is doing all kinds of videos from “Korean Skincare Routine” to “KPop Idols Makeup”. She is also doing a lot of tutorials to explain Korean beauty and how to implement it into your skincare routine.