Korean Recipe For Powerful Moisturizer

Korean Recipes For Powerful Moisturizer

As we’ve mentioned multiple times, moisturizing is important. You should prepare yourself to a 24 hour plan for moisturization using Korean Tips. But there’s also a few ways you can have even more of extra hydration. You can add different products to your normal creams and skincare products for a better moisturization. If you don’t know how to create these special mixtures, don’t worry. Keep on reading this article for some of these “DIY” (Do It Yourself) Korean recipes for powerful moisturizer.


  • Foundation + Facial Oil (2-3 drops)Korean Recipe For Powerful Moisturizer - Cream

If you have oily skin, you could use essence instead of facial oil, specially on your T-Zone, to avoid making the skin too greasy and making it produce more natural oil.

  • Lotion/Essence + Omega 3  

Be careful when using this recipe, mainly due to the smell, but the hydration is quite strong. Make sure to not use too much of the omega 3 either.

  • Scrub + Body Oil

You could make a homemade style scrub by mixing products like pure brown sugar with oil or honey (1:1).


Korean Recipe Powerful Moisturizer - Sheet Mask

  • Sheet Mask + Facial Oil

If you do not have a sheet mask at hand, you can use cotton pads instead by soaking them with essence and some of the facial oil.

  • Hand/Foot Cream + Body Oil (2 drops)

This will make the product have a slightly milkier, hydrating consistency.

  • Body Lotion + Grape-Seed Oil

You could also try other types of oil, such as organic coconut oil, which is quite popular as a replacement for body lotion. Even better if you apply these after you shower, before drying your body when it’s still quite wet or damp, as this will allow for even better absorption.


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