perfect korean sheetmask


You might know already how popular Korean Sheet Masks are all over the world. This is because of the great effects they have on our skin right after using them. For this reason, we want to share with you a guide to choose the perfect korean sheet mask for you. 

We know it can be overwhelming when you see all the different kinds of sheet masks there are. And although the easiest way is to pick one is according to your skin type, we also have other criteria you can follow to select the best sheet mask.


Anti-Wrinkle treatment :

Fighting the effects of age on our skin is something we all care about. And using sheet masks is a great way to treat this issue. Most anti-wrinkle masks contain natural exfoliants that help remove dead skin, giving your skin a softer and smoother look. And even if treating wrinkles is not a priority for you now, the hydrating properties of these anti-wrinkle treatment masks have, will still helo your skin and make it look radiant. 

Deep Hydratation :

Aloe vera very useful herbal medicine for skin treatment and use in spa for skin care. herb in nature Premium Photo

If you have dry skin try choosing sheet masks that contain aloe, which also helps to smoothe the skin. Aloe vera is perfect for hydrating and soothing skin conditions such as itchiness, rashes or breakouts. If you use a sheet mask before going to sleep, you’ll wake up with soft and shiny skin. We can assure you!

Another important ingredient for hydration is a cucumber. Due to its natural properties, cucumber helps firm and nourish skin, hydrating it along the way. 

Collagen Boost :

Collagen is a protein found in our body’s tissues. Its main function is to provide firmness and elasticity to the tendons, skin, and cartilage. For this reason, its used for skincare has increased over the last couple of years. If you want to make your skin firmer, we recommend choosing Korean sheet masks that contain collagen.  Believe us, your skin will thank you later!

Anti-acne :

Japanese matcha green tea powder. Premium Photo

If you struggle with acne or breakout problems may be the best option for you is looking for Korean sheet masks that contain green tea. Thanks to its refreshing and soothing properties, it will help clean your clogged pores and it will also control de amount of sebum your skin produces. Green tea has many great properties for our skin, so make sure you include skincare products that contain green tea into your daily routine!


The next time you look for a Korean sheet mask use these criteria to choose the best fit for your skin. Don’t forget t follow us on Instagram and Facebook to keep updated with our latest news. And if you haven’t already, join our JoahBox family by subscribing to JoahBox.