blush according to skin tone

How To Pick Your Blush According To Skin Tone

There is a unique feeling when it comes to apply a blush. A quick swipe on the cheek and you look instantly young. Blush always add  colors on your face  and make you look radiant and healthy. But do you really know how to pick a blush according to skin tone


Do you have a fair skin tone ?

Hand mirror with reflection of woman applying blusher on her face Free Photo

Soft and light is your target. For a natural look, soft peach and pink shade are fine to look fresh and healthy. If you want your check to be more catchy and look like Elsa from Frozen, go for a coral shade blush ! Use a powder blush to be precise and softly add the color.

Are you a medium skin type ?

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All rich and warm shade will suit well. For a natural look a deep peach/honey or a rich pink color is perfect to make your skin appear hot and shiny. You can use both powder or cream blush to make your cheek alive

You have a dark skin type ?


Don’t be afraid to use blush when you have a dark skin type. It gives your skin much more power and presence. For a natural look you can use warm brown or light berry shade. If you want your cheek to pop-up more you can add a strawberry/strong red shade. With those shades, you will look like the princess Vaiana from Disney. We recommend you to use a matte cream blush so it will smooth with your skin tone. Perfect to create a natural look.

Korean Shopping Tips

Thus, if you plan to go to South Korea and you want to try their cute and natural blush tint seen on every k-beauty stars, we recommend you the 3 most popular brands Etude House with their “Lovely Cookie Blusher” , then A’Pieu and their “Juicy Pang Blusher” and lastly Missha with “Cotton Blush”. These brands deliver various colors tones blush. That’s why, we are sure that you can find the perfect color for you


You can try as many tones as you want to find the one that suit you perfectly but don’t forget to pick blush according to skin tone. If you are not planning on coming to Korea just yet, just get our February 2020 JoahBox. We curated a blush from MERBLISS, that can suit most skin tone ! If you are tempted to try it, get the February JoahBox !