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What is Korean Essence In Skincare & Why Is It Important?

What is the secret of the flawless and glass skin many Korean women have? Any woman in South Korea could tell you that the Korean Essence is one of the 10 basic steps in any Korean skincare regimen. After taking off your make up by double cleansing, and applying toner, the next step is using a Korean Essence.

The key to perfect skin is the Korean Essence

The essence is an aqueous lotion which contains ingredients focused on moisturizing, combating aging and promoting cell renewal. It works at the cellular level so that you could see many results quickly, unlike other products. This skincare product is usually very light as a toner and also aqueous as a serum. However, its chemical composition is entirely different. The toner has a lighter texture, and it is used for preparing the skin before the Korean Essence, and the serum, although similar in viscosity to the Essence, has a higher concentration of active ingredients, therefore, it is more expensive. Instead, the Korean Essence is included in another step completely independent of those two.

This skincare product has already become popular in many countries beyond South Korea, and it is inside of many beauty rituals to give luminosity and youth to the skin.
When do you have to use it? After the double cleansing and before applying a serum. Don’t forget to extend it in your neck and neckline.


Is the Korean Essence the ideal cosmetic for me?

Without any doubt, this is your skincare product, and you should choose the best one for your skin type.
However, it is more recommended for dry and mature skin, restoring the skin’s elasticity and finding a moisture balance. It also can help with fade imperfections such as blemishes, acne, scars, fine lines… it depends on the active ingredient it contains.

Incorporate the Korean Essence into your beauty routine, and you will get the skin you always desired.

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