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When you think about Korean beauty products, probably brands like Nature Republic, Etude House, and Innisfree comes to your mind. However, there are plenty of other Korean brands that are really good but go unnoticed most of the time. That’s why this time, we want to share with you some Korean brands you need in your K-beauty collection. These are some of our favorites.


The Plant Base

The first cruelty free brand you need in your k-beauty collection is The Plant Base. This brand started out selling natural handmade soaps and due to consumer demand, it began to produce skincare products. Unlike other brands, The Plant Base uses plant extracts as a base. Instead of water, they use natural plants and organic ingredients to create hypoallergenic and high-performing products. Around 85% of their income is invested in R&D to come up with new products for every range of skincare. Some of The Plant Base best-sellers are their AC Clear line for sensitive skin and acne prone, the White Truffle whitening line and their Time Stop Collagen Ampoule for anti-wrinkle care. 


Commleaf korean brands you need in your k-beauty collection-facial oil

The second brand we recommend is Commleaf. Commleaf’s number one principle is to create skincare products everyone can use. Essentially their products focus on skin troubles, anti-wrinkle treatments, brightening and firmness creams, and oils for moisture balance. Commleaf products are made out of nature-originated herbs and ingredients. It is a brand that you will love for the effectiveness and benefits of their products and their environmental values.

One of our favorite products is Commleaf’s Surely Green Face Oil, It is formulated with 10 kinds of nature-originated oils and perfect to moisturize your skin.


Chica y Chico

Chica y Chico might be a new brand to you. But it’s gaining popularity in Korea.  It focuses on making products that can heal and soothe skin. Chico y Chica is a “cruelty-free” brand with products for both girls and boys. Their products range from skincare, makeup, masks, whitening creams, to waxing patches.  Their motto is  “for your wonderful start”. They use fun designs and colors in the packaging of their products to make them look unique. 


I’m Sorry for My Skin

I’m Sorry for My Skin is known for their variety of face masks. These masks help control skin problems caused by drinking, smoking, consuming caffeine or eating foods that can swell the face. Their message is clear: if you use our masks, you can enjoy a fun night out with friends and still have good skin the next day.  Thanks to the detox and moisturizing effects on your skin, you won’t have to worry about having a swollen face the next day.

On our July JoahBox, we included an 8 step travel kit from I’m Sorry for My Skin. Have you tried it already? if so, give us your feedback!


These are just some of the brands we think you need in your K-beauty collection. We love these korean brands you need in your K-beauty collection because of the quality of their products and the variety of natural ingredients they use to make them. Next time you think about buying some K-beauty products make sure to check them out.  And don’t forget you can also get these products by subscribing to our Joahbox. Through our monthly curations, we make sure to bring to you the best K-beauty products from the best brands.