emergency k-beauty tips to get rid of pimple

#8 Emergency K-Beauty Tips To Get Rid Of Pimples

Skin Troubles, our common enemy. We previously give you some tips about how to care for acne. It is actually best to visit dermatologists to get rid of them, but come on, it is not always easy to go visit doctors for various reasons. Then how would you have to take care of skin troubles at home? Please read through our emergency k-beauty tips to get rid of pimple and find the best way that suit you


#1 Leave it naturally

One easy way to cure the skin trouble is to let it heal naturally. After some time pass, skin troubles subsides. Mild skin troubles become worse once they are stimulated. Just try to calm them down with cold toner.

#2 Tea Tree Oil

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Tea tree oil has anti-inflammatory and calming effect. If you cannot wait until the troubles subside naturally, keep applying tea tree oil on them with cotton swabs.

#3 A Self Extruder and disinfectant

If you are in rush to get rid of the pimple, pop the pimple with medical needle and gently squeeze it with an extruder. Don’t forget to disinfect the pimple before and after bursting it, and remember to take care of the extruder in a proper way. If you are not sure of how to, it’s best to visit a dermatologist.

#4 Cotton Swabs

You might not have an extruder, but still be in a rush to get rid of your pimples. It’s not the best way, but it’s better to use cotton swabs to burst them than just pinching them with your hands. With two cotton swabs, gently press them to burst them. Squeeze them until the clear blood comes out.

#5 Exercising Intestine and Majoram Oil

Pimples pop up once you cannot digest well and have trouble with your stomach and intestines. Try doing sit-ups to help your digestion. Or inhale Majoram oil by dropping one drop on towel, which is well known to help with constipation.

#6 Aroma Oil

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Pimples also pop up when you are stressed. Try to relax by taking a nice long bath with some aroma oils such as rose, lavender or clary sage oil added.  

#7 Mugwort Tea

Mugwort is widely used to cure cold constitution, allergy or skin troubles. To prevent pimples popping up due to period, try drinking mugwort tea in advance. You can also wash your face with water mixed with mugwort extract sometimes.

#8 Concealer

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If you want to cover your skin trouble with makeup, try using concealers. However, if you get to use the concealer brighter than your skin tone, you will only highlight your pimples. Find a concealer that is a tone darker than your skin. Also, when applying it, do not rub it but gently pat it on top of the pimples. For perfect cover, you can apply some dry powder on top of concealer and apply the concealer on top once again. If your skin is overall red due to skin troubles, avoid pink or red shadows and blushes. Instead, try applying green or blue colored products.


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